Credit Finder Guide


Credit Finder Guide

  • Get approved for a home
  • Learn how to increase your score and fatten your entire overall credit report
  • Learn what it takes to get approved for a car loan w/no money down
  • Learn how to properly check for errors and negative items before adding tradelines

Let's Build Your Empire

I am owner and operator of Empire You LLC,  a 6-figure credit repair company built as a sole proprietor, and co-owner of DR Martins Transportation Co., an increasingly successful trucking company using just one tradeline!

I opened the doors of Empire You with a mission to help build empires for everyday people in the community. Since building an empire requires a strong foundation, I focus on teaching people the importance of credit and relentless effort.

I am proud of Empire You and I welcome you to reach out so that I can help you build the empire you've always dreamed of!


This dispute kit will help and educate you on your credit journey to becoming the disputing champion!

We are here to serve you as long as you need us as your trusted personal board certified credit consultants.

Learn how to overcome home ownership denial

Learn how to increase your chances of business loan approval

Unlock secrets to higher personal loan approval rates

Incredible information

Jessica's Credit Finder Guide is an easy read, yet packed with jewels! I'm building my empire, so I'll be booking her services to really grow my business.

- R. Williams, Rochester, NY

Good stuff indeed!

I thought I heard it all and I was tired of the run-around from other so-called pros. Jessica really knows her stuff and I'm approaching an 800 score. Thanks, Jess!

- Dr. H. Myers, San Diego, CA

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